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Expert retail services for your industry.

Jayed Products and Services is a dynamic company, offering solutions in retail sales systems, supply chain management and category management.


Jayed offers specialized retail systems, customised to suit to your business. From managing the implementation of custom designed retail shelving and stands to optimising stockholding, marketing and merchandising.


From product research, market research, competition analysis, price analysis, and retailer proposals.


From range analysis, stock holding and matching stock items to retailers current consumers demand and developing stock lines to drive new sales and attract new clients.


From space negotiation, space planning and consuming additional unused/non-traditional retail space.


From anchoring the position for retail stand designs to maximizing spatial use to ensure maximum sales return per m2. Including designing solutions to reinforce and repeat product and brands in additional un-utilized spaces within the store. And lastly designs to reduce manufacture costs and timing.


From process opening orders, delivering and installing merchandise retail stands to training staff and ensuring continuity. Implementation includes both marketing and plans to increase retailer return on investment per m2. Additionally, this service includes broadening retail offering, maintaining stock levels, introducing new lines, weekly stock rotation and merchandising, weekly delivery and a monthly account manager meeting at HQ.


Experts in retail distribution solutions. Jayed are continually on the lookout for new and innovative products. Jayed handles the entire supply chain from beginning to end and prides itself on bringing new products to South African consumers.


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